Central A/C & Heat Pumps

How We Service

Here are 4 examples of things a good technician does when installing a new system or performing a major repair:

  1. Think Green. Protect the environment by using the proper equipment to remove and store the old refrigerant.
  2. Protect the System. Flow nitrogen through the system prior to using a torch to braze weld the copper tubing. This is necessary to prevent carbon scale from forming inside the tubing which in time could damage the system.
  3. Proper Vacuum. A vacuum pump is used to remove air and other contaminants from the system, and a high quality vacuum gauge indicates when a sufficient level of vacuum is achieved.
  4. Prevent Leakage. To prevent refrigerant leakage, always cap the service port tightly.



Savings Tip

To save on heating costs, set your heat pump thermostat to one temperature all the time. Heat pumps can use more energy when running different settings from day to night.


Easy Thermastat

We install the easiest to use thermostats available.


"We've called Scientific A/C twice, once because we had no hot water and once because our A/C stopped working. Both times Joseph came the same day and fixed the problem. He also installed a different type of filter. Now the house is less dusty and the filter is easier for us to change. Thank you."
—Tim & Lori in Lewisberry

"Since converting from oil heat to a heat pump we're spending less on heating costs."
—Bob in Camp Hill

"Another company installed a new heat pump and then came out 3 times because our electric bills were $500 a month. They told us that's normal. I called Scientific A/C and Joe quickly diagnosed the problem as a wiring mistake and fixed it. Now it works as it should."
—Harold & Margie in Manheim

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