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Jared, shown next to his newly installed water heater, with WAGS Valve to keep things worry-free. Read more about Jared's story and how we provided the solution (see right).

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Water Heater Worries?

When your water heater goes on the blink, you don't want a plumber whose job it is to sell you a new water heater. You want a technician with the expertise to correctly diagnose the problem so you can decide whether to repair or replace it.

Jared's Story

One day, Jared went down to his basement and was alarmed to find a small but quickly spreading flood. His old water heater was leaking profusely out of the relief valve. He immediately called Scientific Air Conditioning. We advised him to shut off both the water valve and the gas valve, which was critical because the burner was still firing! It experienced a rare but dangerous malfunction called "runaway firing".

In addition to replacing his old water heater, we took steps to ensure that this situation would never happen again. Look at the pictures (at right). If the water heater or its relief valve ever leaks, the water would be contained by the metal pan. Then, the WAGS Valve will sense the water in the pan and automatically shut off the water and the gas. Now Jared and his family have peace of mind regarding their water heater.

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