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"When my 25 year old Heat Pump Unit finally gave up it was the middle of January and the temperatures were getting down to the single digits. Living together with my elderly in-laws I had to find someone who can act quickly and give me the expertise and service I needed badly.First—Joe helped me to find the right unit based on my existing system. Then he removed my old unit and immediately started to work on installing our new unit. The outdoor conditions that day were freezing cold and windy, but Joe and his helper worked all day till dark to finish the new unit installation.His work required frequent entries into our house to check things with the basement unit, but they always were putting on special boot covers so not to bring in any outside dirt or snow. Knowing that we had an emergency situation they worked the whole day without lunch and did not take a break until everything was done.My entire family was exceptionally pleased and relieved when the new unit begun to work and we started to feel the warm air coming to our cold rooms.In addition to all of that he came the next day to check the system out to see if everything was working the way it’s supposed to.Later he called several times to follow up, making sure we were comfortable. We will remember Joe as not only a high class professional but the one who understands his client’s needs and is devoted to fulfilling them 100%. We are really convinced that Scientific Air Conditioning provides the kind of service every homeowner is looking for, whether it is a small job like a pressure check or large job like an entire unit installation." —Stan & Margaret Sudol in Mechanicsburg

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Satisfied Customers

"We've called Scientific A/C twice, once because we had no hot water and once because our A/C stopped working. Both times Joseph came the same day and fixed the problem. He also installed a different type of filter. Now the house is less dusty and the filter is easier for us to change. Thank you."
—Tim & Lori in Lewisberry

"Since converting from oil heat to a heat pump we're spending less on heating costs."
—Bob in Camp Hill

"Another company installed a new heat pump and then came out 3 times because our electric bills were $500 a month. They told us that's normal. I called Scientific A/C and Joe quickly diagnosed the problem as a wiring mistake and fixed it. Now it works as it should."
—Harold & Margie in Manheim