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What's wrong
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Your system probably uses a 1" filter, similar to this.

Tony Old Filter

Lori Old Filter
Lori showing the old 1" filter

A 5" media filter will effectively serve the air cleaning needs of most people. How can this
benefit my family?

UV Filter

New Filter
Lori showing the new filter

completed installation
The completed installation

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dirty air handler

Without proper maintenance, an airflow system can accumulate a lot of dirt, and even become a breeding ground for mold.

Typical Filter Setup

This is a typical filter setup: A one-inch filter inside the furnace or air handler.
There are 3 problems common to this type of installation:

  • Difficult to change the filter.
  • Doesn't make a good seal—some dirt bypasses the filter.
  • Inadequate filter surface area for proper filtration and airflow.

The Solution

Here is the solution to all these problems: An "extended media" filter.
You'll appreciate these advantages:

  • Quick and easy to change the filter.
  • Gasket material forms a good seal for thorough filtering.
  • Large surface area (20-40 square feet, depending on model) effectively captures particles large and small without choking airflow.

The difference is visible!

Filter Spread

Don't assume that this upgrade costs an arm and a leg. The job pictured here was only $300. Please call today for your free quote!

What about Air Purifiers?

For those desiring the ultimate in clean and fresh indoor air, here are 3 products that we've had excellent results with:

The Products We Trust:

Ultravation Abatement Aprilaire

Purported air purifying products that we DO NOT recommend:

  • Ozone generators, such as from Living Air, Eco Quest, Eden Pure, etc.
    Read the EPA's warning about these.
  • Washable electrostatic filters, such as from WEB, Dust Free, Lifetime, etc.
    Ignore the claims, these filter poorly.
  • Electronic Air Cleaners that filter by attracting dust particles to charged metal plates or plastic honeycombs, which must be washed or vacuumed periodically.
    These filter very well for a while, but eventually lose some or all effectiveness. (In contrast, the particle collector in the Aprilaire 5000 gets replaced semi-annually, so it always performs "like new".)
  • Portable or room air cleaners.
    What good is an air cleaner in a room if the central air system is circulating dirty air throughout the whole house?