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Whether you have a new home under construction or an existing home needing a ventilation upgrade, RenewAire offers you the best ventilation choice.

Ventilation Fans RenewAire provides efficient, powerful, quiet blowers in both its ventilation fans and energy recovery ventilators so you can enjoy ample air exchange without the noise associated with lower quality products.

Energy Recovery Ventilators If you want the best whole house approach to efficient and effective ventilation, choose RenewAire's Energy Recovery Ventilators. Exhaust stale air, bring in fresh air and save energy year-round!

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Excess Moisture Can Damage Your Home

When moisture from showering, cooking, and even breathing is trapped in your home, the result can be “sweaty windows” and other moisture damage such as rust, mildew, mold and odor. Excess moisture causes structural damage — heavy condensation on windows, water damage on window sills and molds forming in cold corners of the home.

Poor Ventilation May Be Harmful to Your Health

Today’s energy-efficient homes eliminate nearly all wasteful air leaks which means savings in energy-costs. However, because homes are air tight, pollutants get trapped indoors. These indoor air pollutants are broadly recognized as one of today’s top environmental hazards.

Lingering odors may simply be a daily annoyance, but VOCs, cigarette smoke, radon, household cleaners, even perfumes can threaten health. Read about the health problems that are associated with indoor air pollutants and poor ventilation.

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