Finding the Fire

Read about the various home fires attributed to CSST reacting to lightning strikes according to fire investigators and home owners.

house fire

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What is CSST?

Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) is a type of flexible piping for the distribution of natural and LP gas in homes and businesses.

Many installers prefer CSST over traditional threaded iron pipe for its ease of installation. Introduced in 1988, CSST has a good record for safety, with one exception. If lightning strikes near the home or business, a spark (known technically as an arc) can jump between the CSST and an adjacent metal surface. The heat of the arc can perforate the CSST, instantly sparking a fire.

Is there a way to significantly reduce this risk?

Yes, it's called bonding. By bonding together the gas piping, copper water piping, electrical service, and metal ductwork, the possibility of an arc is virtually eliminated. All major CSST manufacturers now require bonding.

Is bonding expensive?

Bonding a CSST gas piping system is usually simple and inexpensive.

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