Central A/C & Heat Pumps

Savings Tip:

To save on heating costs, set your heat pump thermostat to one temperature all the time. Heat pumps can use more energy when running different settings from day to night.

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Here are 4 examples of things a good technician does when installing a new system or performing a major repair:

  • Think Green. Protect the environment by using the proper equipment to remove and store the old refrigerant.
  • Protect the System. Flow nitrogen through the system prior to using a torch to braze weld the copper tubing. This is necessary to prevent carbon scale from forming inside the tubing which in time could damage the system.
  • Proper Vacuum. A vacuum pump is used to remove air and other contaminants from the system, and a high quality vacuum gauge indicates when a sufficient level of vacuum is achieved.
  • Prevent Leakage. To prevent refrigerant leakage, always cap the service port tightly.


We install the easiest to use thermostats available.


Here is a heat pump air handler we installed in a crawl space.